Sean Anthony Sullivan

Shooting on a Blue Moon (LP Album)

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With the latest full-length album offering from Sean Anthony Sullivan, "Shooting on a Blue Moon" is an inspired, full course of rock 'n' roll. From straight-up rockers to groovin' hand-clappers to soulful Cocker-esque ballads, the tracks here show an expansive range yet cohesive collection of songwriting and musical performance.

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Album Preview: Listen to All of the Tracks!
  1. Can't Put Out Love
  2. Time in a Bottle
  3. Kick into Overdrive
  4. She Renews My Everyday
  5. Light a Torch
  6. Cellar
  7. Misery
  8. Only Human
  9. Mr. Undercover
  10. Can You Help Us Mister
  11. Breaking Down and Giving In

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