Sean Anthony Sullivan

Embracing Rock 'n' Roll

Sean Anthony Sullivan

One of my earliest memories is dancing around the house to my parents’ Elvis records. I began piano lessons at the age of six, and studied classical music for years, but the first time I picked up a guitar, I knew it was the instrument for me.

I love working man blues and straight-up rock 'n' roll and I spent my first years with the guitar learning The Beatles, The Eagles, Chicago, Santana, and Clapton. As a songwriter, Stevie Wonder, Steve Marriott, Rod Stewart, Keith Richards, Otis Redding and Bob Seger heavily influence me. And I lived the first couple decades of my life in Michigan, so I'll always have strong ties to that Motown feel and Detroit soul.

Beyond writing and performing music, I am heavily invested in the production and engineering of my recordings. I am a serious technology enthusiast and I’m always excited to use the latest innovations to assist in the creation of my music.

One of my most recent projects has been recording with lifelong collaborator Casey DeMott on a number of recordings released under the band name, "Sullivan DeMott." Casey and I have written and played together since we were kids.

My only real goal is to put my music out there. I love the creative process and taking a song from inception to completed recording. It is an incredibly arduous undertaking, but supremely rewarding. And the efforts are all worth it just to hear one person mention how much they liked the music. Enjoy!


Contact Sean at for any inquires.

P.O. Box 2194
Bend, OR 97709